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Platform Tennis Leagues 2022

OCTOBER 3RD, 2022 - MARCH 19TH, 2023

weekly updates will be posted here every Monday!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! There is one more week left to complete Round 4 Matches! Once the match is played, be sure to report the result using this google form.

Updated 11/28/2022

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about the leagues

We have 3 separate in-house Platform Tennis Leagues:

  • Men's (Men Only)

  • Women's (Women Only)

  • Recreational (Co-ed, All Skill Levels)

Season runs October 3rd, 2022 - March, 19th, 2023. 

Teams will participate in Round Robin Matches for 15 weeks. These matches will determine standings placement. Teams have 2 weeks to complete each match. 

After 15 weeks of Round Robin Matches, Teams will participate in a single-elimination tournament to determine who will be the Champion of their League! Champions get a trophy and bragging rights!

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rules & Guidelines

Rather than having these leagues play on specific nights at specific times, your team will be given two weeks of time to coordinate a match time between the team you are lined up to play against.


Example: Team A and Team B will have to face each other between October 3rd and October 16th. The captains from each team must coordinate a time that works best for both teams to meet and play during the two weeks. Once a time is mutually decided between both teams, reserve the slots to confirm availability and game time. Once the match is played, you will complete a google form to report your results.

If two Teams schedule a match time and one of the Teams is a no-call no-show to the match, they automatically forfeit the match and take a loss for the standings. 

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Team Captain Contact lists


To schedule a match, the Team Captains of the teams will need to coordinate a game time. To contact a Team Captain, please click the buttons below to access the contact list for your League.

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Cost & Equipment

To participate in the league, there is no team entry fee. 

Each team does need to purchase their OWN set of Platform Tennis Balls and bring them to each match. It is also highly encouraged that everyone has their own paddle. We do have paddles Members can borrow for a match at the Fox & Turtle. 

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court reservations

To secure your spot on the court for practice, matches, etc. you must make a reservation on the app or ICC website. Without a reservation, the court is first come, first serve. 

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submit a match result

After each match, you must let the Recreation Manager (Brook) know of the score and result of your match. To do this, please use this google form. 


Any questions about the Platform Tennis Leagues, please contact:

Zach Pellowski

Recreation Supervisor

PLTFM Tennis Rules
Team Capain Info
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